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Optimal DSD Playback for Bel Canto Design DACs

All Bel Canto DACs can be used to play DSD files perfectly by using JRiver, Pure Music, or other software. Here's how we do it and why it works.


New Website Coming Soon

We are getting ready to launch a new, revamped website. Look for updates later this Summer.


Soundstage! Ultra Reviews The DAC3.5VB mkII, VBS1, REFLink System

"...the Bel Canto stack stacks up well against the DACs that many feel are among the best available, and at less than Arab-sheik prices. They're sonically very well balanced across the board, but are simply superb in the midrange, where lots of music needs it most."

-Jeff Fritz, Aug 2013


Bel Canto Proudly Presents Bel Canto Black

Black Changes Everything

Bel Canto expands to include our new high end line.
Please visit for more details.


Stereophile: "Bel Canto Reinvents the Receiver"

"The C7R is tiny but elegant; it uses little power, doesn't get hot, and it's built in the US by a real company that stands behind its work. I loved the Bel Canto C7R. I recommend it to anyone who wants simplicity and great sound"

-Erick Lichte, March 2013 issue of Stereophile


Updated Reviews and Show Reports

Review Links | RMAF 2012 | T.H.E. Show 2012

The C7R DAC Integrated Amp
Complete Analog and Digital Media Center

A no-compromise compact system-in-one. Connect computer, CD player, turntable, cable box or game console, a pair of speakers and turn it up to 11!



Positive Feedback's Victor Chavira Raves About the C7R

"The C7R is to receivers as smart phones are to cell phones."


The e.One CD3t CD Transport

Introducing the e.One CD3t Transport, the most direct digital path to your DAC control center.



Audio Video Revolution's Andre Marc Loves the CD3t Transport

"The CD3t is an outright steal. It is refined and elegant in both appearance and sound."


The e.One C5i DAC Integrated Amplifier

Why choose different components for your music downloads, computer, CD player, turntables, cable/satellite box or game consoles? Keep it simple with Bel Canto's compact, powerful e.One C5i DAC Integrated Amplifier that powers it all.


Positive Feedback's Dean Seislove Recommends the C5i Integrated Amp

"All in all, the Bel Canto C5i has the combination of looks, sound, function, and price to make it an extremely competitive consumer option."


Interviews with John Stronczer,
Bel Canto CEO and Chief Engineer

Robert Learner of Positive Feedback

Steve Lees of Wicked Digital/Stereo Audio in Australia.





Bel Canto Featured in WSJWall Street Journal -
The New Tech Collectibles

"In an era when iPods feel obsolete after six months, there are still some products you'll be searching for on eBay decades from now."

"For bookshelf audiophiles who like their separate components down to the individual power supply, Bel Canto's full range of modular matching half-size power amps..."




Class-D Demystified

Class-D is commonly misunderstood to signify a Digital amplifier.  It's actually just the 4th letter of amplifier types:  Class -A, -AB and -C.  What it really means is the fastest, simplest and most efficient way to convert electrical power into music.  Read more about class-D amplification here. >>   And read a thorough technical article from John Stronczer on high dynamic range audio here. >>

Class-D Efficiency and High Performance Audio

These days, environmental efficiency is an important part of electronics design. Bel Canto has years of experience developing and implementing low-heat, low-power-consumption, compact electronics and powerful amplifiers whose remarkable efficiency makes for award-winning audio performance. More >>

High Performance Analog, Digital and Computer Audio Components
Efficient Cool-Running Class-D Amplification




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