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e.One Products: CD2 CD player 24/96 Transport/DAC with Level Control

Detail of the CD


The shortest path to sonic purity. The CD2 provides uncompromising playback of your treasured CD collection. Using the CDPro2M professional top loading CD mechanism as the core of the design, the CD2 provides the best access to the source of digital music both in audio data retrieval and mechanical reliability.

With the latest generation of Sample Rate Converters and the Bel Canto Ultra-Clock™ circuit, the CD2 is the perfect companion source for supplying digital data to any Bel Canto DAC.

High-performance RCA and XLR audio outputs with selectable level control enable you to directly drive any amplifier for the ultimate in compact, high performance CD playback.





Disc Compatibility:


CD-DA (Red Book IEC908), CD-R and CD-RW discs

Digital Outputs:

Maximum Data Rate/Bit Depth:



Digital Output types:



AES/EBU Digital Output Level:


2.7V p-p

PDIF Digital Output Level:


1.2V p-p

All Digital outputs are galvanically isolated



Analog DAC Outputs:

Data Rate/Bit Depth:



Output Levels:


Single Ended RCA 2Vrms, Balanced XLR 4Vrms

Dynamic Range:


112dB A-Weighted




Output Impedance:


RCA 100 ohms, XLR 200 ohms

Frequency Response:


20Hz-20Khz +/-0.1 dB








2 ps rms



Slow roll-off linear phase digital filter


Fixed or adjustable analog output


External regulated power supply


CD-Pro2LF mechanism


Power Draw:



Power Requirement:


100-120VAC, 220-240VAC 50/60 Hz



8.5” W x 12.5” D x 3.5” H (216 mm x 318 mm x 88 mm)



18lbs. (8.2 kg)


External Power Supply:

IEC 3-prong grounded plug


Class II power supply:


100-240VAC 50/60 Hz 0.5A


Features and specifications are subject to improvements and changes without prior notice.


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